On January 26, 2011, Hot Springs Intracity Transit (IT) completed 30 years of operation as Hot Springs’ public transit system. Since its inception in 1981, IT has made over 6 million passenger trips. The system consists of two operating divisions: fixed route service and service for qualified disabled person (ADA paratransit service). 

The system is city owned and operated with management consulting provided by First Transit, Inc.

Contact Information
Hot Springs Intracity Transit
100 Broadway Terrace
Hot Springs, AR  71901
(p)  501.321.2020
(f)  501.321.6626
Scheduling:  501.321.6625
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 6:10 AM - 6 PM
Saturday, 10:10 AM - 6 PM

Bus Fares and Schedules
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