Some state and local public bodies are eligible to receive funds and operate transportation systems under Section 5307 of the Federal Transit Act in municipalities of more than 50,000 in population. Federal funds are provided for capital outlay (buses, terminal construction or rental, office furnishings and equipment including computers, etc.), planning for transportation services and system operations.


Fort Smith Transit, Fort Smith - FST

Hot Springs Intracity Transit, Hot Springs - HST

Jonesboro Economical Transportation System, Jonesboro - JETS

Ozark Regional Transit, Springdale - ORT

Pine Bluff Transit, Pine Bluff - PBT

Razorback Transit, Fayetteville - RT

Rock Region Metro, Little Rock - RRM

Texarkana Urban Transit District, Texarkana, AR-TX - TUTD



The Federal Transit Act provides formula grants for areas other than urbanized. Seven public transit systems are in operation under Section 5311 Program.

The program was designed to provide public transportation for rural areas and communities under 50,000 in population. No restrictions are placed on those who may want to use the services offered.

To encourage public transportation in rural areas, Section 5311 offers federal financial assistance to share 80 percent of the cost with local operators for capital outlay (vehicles, equipment, etc.). Administrative and Operating costs are reimbursed at 80 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

Eligible operators of Section 5311 transportation systems can be local public bodies and agencies, non-profit organizations, Indian tribes and groups, and operators of public transportation services. Private for-profit intercity agencies are also eligible.


Black River Area Development, Pocahontas - BRAD

Central Arkansas Development Council/South Central Arkansas Transit, Benton - SCAT

Eureka Springs Transit, Eureka Springs - EST

Mid-Delta Transit, Helena-West Helena - MDT

North Arkansas Transportation Service, Harrison - NATS

Ozark Regional Transit, Springdale - ORT

Southeast Arkansas Transit, Pine Bluff - SEAT