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Fort Smith Transit purchases CNG Buses

ATA STAFF, Jim Davis

Rock Region METRO, on behalf of the City of Conway, will launch the METRO Connect Conway public microtransit service zone Monday, Oct. 24. The service, which will operate Monday-Saturday, 6 a.m.-8 p.m., is the first modern-day public transit service offered in Conway. METRO Connect Conway service offers on-demand, point-to-point trips within the city with an easy-to-use ride-bo ...

The U of A began testing an articulated bus on Razorback Transit routes Tuesday, Oct. 25. Articulated buses are commonly used vehicles for public transportation, featuring two sections that are linked together to provide additional capacity. Nova Bus, a member of the Volvo group, is conducting the proof-of-concept demonstration. "We have been exploring a number of options to a ...