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 ALL DAPMs/DERs and alternates from the 16 public transit systems in the ATA testing program are mandated to attend.


Transportation Training Opportunities for June - August, 2017

Click here to visit updated information on 2017 Arkansas Public Transportation Conference! We look forward to seeing everyone in North Little Rock, AR! Please contact Rebecca East at reast@arktransit.org, if you have any questions! ...

Job Opportunity
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Targeting senior-level transit maintenance professionals, the workshop curriculum will support the development of leadership skills, explore strategic maintenance planning, facilitate the sharing of best practices, and build a network of transit maintenance professionals.

National RTAP announces the 2017 Technical Assistance Program, with a focus this year on marketing and communications. Using our Marketing Toolkit, web tools like Website Builder and GTFS Builder, and other resources, we are interested in working with you to improve your marketing, communications, and/or community outreach.  

Check out the descriptions of all classes offered by ATA (Class Descriptions). See if and when the Training Director is in your part of the state by clicking on the Calendar (Training Calendar). You can also contact the Training Director to schedule an on-site training topic. A minimum of 10 people are required for all on-site classes (except CPR).

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