The Trust Fund was created July 1, 2006, to help reduce rates and claims for qualified members.  It features a safety assessment and training, Nurse Triage and Back-to-Work Programs, and free evaluations of insurance costs.


ATA sponsors an Annual Conference where members enjoy discounted registration fees as they learn about timely issues and visit with product and service suppliers. We have cancelled the 2020 Arkansas Public Transit Conference in October at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We plan to resume the conference in October 2021 at the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs. 

  • Programs that are informative and entertaining 
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues
  • Trade Show with transit equipment and service vendors

ATA’s Training Program is nationally recognized as one of the best in the country.  Low-cost, professional training is delivered each year to over 2,000 drivers, supervisors, and staff in Arkansas’ most comprehensive passenger transportation training program.

  • Skilled and trained employees are valuable to your organization
  • Certified instructor educates your staff, either at ATA’s Safety and Resource Center or on-site at your own facility
  • ATA members pay less per student

Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs are first-rate.  Test costs are lower because over 65 transit and non-profit agencies and programs participate in our personalized DOT and non-DOT consortium services. ATA also offers free model substance abuse testing policies and compliance documentation.

  • Agencies receiving certain FTA funding and required to conduct DOT-regulated testing
  • Agencies with CDL drivers that must conduct DOT tests
  • Workers’ Compensation Self-Insured Trust Fund member agencies that have a non-DOT post-accident testing program
  • Agencies licensed by DHS/DDS with ACS Waiver employees that must have pre-employment and random drug testing and a policy that states whether they conduct testing on other employees, especially drivers of agency vehicles
  • Agencies that want to test their employees to prevent substance abuse in the workplace

ATA’s website is maintained to better facilitate communication with ATA and among ATA members.  Member agency and regulatory links are featured to promote services and ease of networking. For information, log onto

ATA’s first-class training and support facility for members is conveniently located in North Little Rock. 

ATA’s staff delivers timely information, seeks solutions for problems, answers questions, offers leadership in coordination efforts, shares resources, monitors proposed state and federal actions, and educates the public and legislators about transportation issues.

ATA members that are Public transit systems or non-profit agencies with funds from the Department of Human Services receive free Traffic Violation Reports for their applicants and employees. Costing $13 each, this alone will save agencies money.