February 18, 2010 – Texarkana, TX  Texarkana Urban Transit District’s General Manager Vera Matthews welcomed citizens city officials, staff, board members, and supporters as they began the initial break of the ground ceremony at the corner of 14th St and Texas Boulevard.

Residents in the community commented how excited they were that the old car dealership that had not been in use for a long while was finally going to have a new use.

The new facility will house the administrative offices of TUTD (currently operates at 818 Elm St.). In addition, the metro planning organization for the city that has been operating out of the Miller county court house will have office space in the facility as well.

The 6,000 sqft Building will maintain its retro integrity, sporting updated warehouse windows to over look the transfer hubs, contemporary landscaping, public reception area with restrooms, and outdoor seating.

Funding for this project has largely been attributed to the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds and the strong partnership between the Arkansas State Highway & Transportation Department and the Texas Department of Transportation.

The building is scheduled to be complete in February 2011.